This time I decided to leave the airport and see the amazing Doha – the capital of Qatar.

How to get from Hamad International Airport to the amazing Doha city center? Visa information

It’s possible to get visa on the airport (about 30$/depends on a country) and then you’re free to hit the city. But the city is a little far away so you probably need a taxi (around 20$) – depends on a traffic. 🙂 – which is really big in the evenings. It was still worth to go, as I always wanted to see this modern city with illuminated skyscrapers. I also found out that if Doha is your transit airport you can get a free visa on arrival and a shuttle bus which takes you around the city. You just need to ask for it at the airport. Well I didn’t know that at that time and I simply paid for visa and transfer. It may tale a while to find a visa office at the airport but finally I made it.

Public transport in Doha city.

There are regular buses from the airport to Doha Qatar city center. You need to buy a smartcard and charge it (you can buy it at the airport). There are also about 3 shuttle buses during day time taking you from the airport to the city center of Doha. I did not want to waste time and simply took a taxi, as I had only half day to walk through the city. I went directly toward amazing skyscrapers disctrict. Generally I had a strange feeling walking among these stunning structures, built in the middle of a desert. Half of the surrounding area is still under construction. Hundreds of people are working hard late evening, so you’re never alone. We all know the working conditions and human rights protection is a huge issue in this country. 

I just took few kilometers walk along the bay. I guess one day (and night) is definitely enough if you just want to see the centre area of famous Doha. Of course Doha has much more to offer. Especially if you want to see amazing Losail International Circuit, which you can find on my picture from the plane perspective. Outside the city there’s only a desert. But if you escape from the city taking one of the highways, it’s going to lead you to absolutely amazing and empty beaches. The question is whether you are able to cope with incredible heat and a temperature way above 40 degrees.

Doha people

When hanging around the city don’t be surprised to be stopped by different people. Both locals or foreigners (there’s probably more foreign people than origins)! I was stopped number of times when hanging around Doha city centre. Also twice by a luxury van with dark windows, so you’re not even able to see driver’s identity. They just want to ask what are you doing in Doha or where you’re going. It may be a security car, or may be someone was curious about my big camera and a purpose of my visit. 

Skyscrapers in Doha