How to monetize your blog?

10 steps you should be taking these days to monetize your blog!

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How to promote your blog?

Following are proven strategies that will help you increase traffic and monetize your blog. First thing I want to tell you may sound very trivil but it’s very true: No success happened overnight! Why am I telling this – because promoting your blog will take time. You may spend lots of focus around promotion and have little outcome but don’t kill your blog yet! Trust me I am still trying to push my travel blog to open waters. I have travelled long way to get where I am now, gaining solid experience building my website, making hundreds of mistakes and continuing seeking best advice online around how to run a succesful travel blog. I set up this blog myself, although I had no idea how to do it. I didn’t even know if I’m going to manage to create it! Step by step it got me here. Everything I have on this website is purely me, I’m the author of all photo and written content. It takes time to write high quality content, backed up with photos. Once you have valuable content it’s time to make steps to monetize your blog. Trust me, there’s nothing better than seeing a comment left on your website!! 😉

  1. Spend 30% of time writing and 70% promoting. The more you promote your blog the better chance you have to monetize it.
  2. Promote with Social media – promote your blog on platforms: Twitter, fb, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. These are the one I reccomend but more importantly – publish at the right time. Don’t be afraid to publish same content twice on Twitter, not all users are active at the same time and there are also different time zones. Don’t forget to add social media sharing buttons. How you should write for social media: #take followers with you. #show off your products #Introcude your employees #post 2-3 times a day when using on Instagram #take relevant photos – Instagram is photo content! use #hashtags! When is the best time to publish:
  • Facebook: 1pm-4pm
  • Twitter: 1pm – 3pm
  • Instagram: 7am-9am; 5pm-6pm
  • G+: 9am to 11am
  • Pinterest: 2pm – 4pm; 8pm – 1am.

3. Write at least twice a week – Google gives higher priority to websites with fresh content.

4. Keywords strategy – Ensure every page has a keyword strategy – for each post use one phrase that readers are seeking. You may use free tool – Keyword Planner.

5. Write strong titles! It’s even more important that the content itself. Make sure keywords are used in the title and Alt Image.

6. Alt Image – always include keywords in the Alt image description and don’t upload photos with 1234 title.

7. Cross promote efficiently – leave comments on other blogs/websites. You may also ask to write a free guest post and ask to link back to your website.

8. Follow people from your sector – best advice I can give you! Follow: journalists, editors, newspapers, travelblogs, travel forums, tour operators, travel news! It’s the greatest source of information you may get.

9. Try to find your niche. Make sure you know your audience and understand what they want. This is key to monetize your blog. Generate post ideas from comments. That will help you find out what kind of advice or service our audience is looking for.

10. Invest in your blog. Boost your content on Facebook – you can choose the profile of your target audience /age, country, etc./, which is highly useful.

11. Develop a Newsletter to keep people engage. Just rememebr people will only sign up for a high-level content. Make sure you keep a link back to your page with an interesting article at the end of the Newsletter. Give good and usefull advice, to easier people choices. Offer an guide, give a checklist.

12. Install SEO plugin for WordPress to analyse your post and apply recommendations. Analyze your page statictics. If you see one post has a high number of views, make sure you use same structure for the next posts. Monitor an average time people spend on your website and try to improve it.

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