Kanawa Island – Indonesia’s paradise.

Kanawa is a very small island which is possible to reach from Labuan Bajo (Flores). It’s surrounded by fabulous coral reef and it’s a great place for snorkeling adventure.

Snorkeling in Kanawa island.

Kanawa is probably one of the best islands in Indonesia if you’re looking for white sand beaches and spectacular underwater world.  Except snorkeling and sunbathing there’s nothing much to do there. In 2013 there were just few bungalows on the island (around 10$ per night). It’s nice to spend a whole day snorkeling and enjoying the beach but I don’t think I could stay there for couple of days. We hired a boat to take us to the island for one day (cost around 30 $). Remember to take lots of water with you and some snacks. I also had a lot of sun cream as the temperature went around 40 degrees.

Best beaches in Indonesia.

Snorkeling is gorgeous! I had no idea that this fish can be so enormous! Huge turtles, snakes, thousands of fishes and sharks. You can see big sharks and swim surrounded by small sharks! I have never experienced something more amazing. They told us that these sharks do not attack people. This adventure was much better than diving in Thailand and Cambodia’s islands. Maybe because I had really bad weather and water conditions in Cambodia. The ocean in Komodo and Rinca was very peaceful and there was no monsoons at that time. But we also heard that the conditions might be very different and dangerous. That is why you should be careful when diving in this area. There are many other small island near Komodo. Most of them is uninhabited. 


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